SFRC San Francisco 2 Meter FM QSO Party – Less than one week away – 8/29/2015

The QSO Party is less than one week away, and here are a few reminders:

The party takes place on 8/29/2015, starting at noon PDT, and runs 6 hours.

Full instructions can be found at, but here is a summary:

The recommended frequencies are:

146.415 (BATT 1 PL100)
146.460 (BATT 3 PL100)
146.505 (BATT 9 PL100)
146.550 (BATT 4 PL100)
146.565 (BATT 5 PL100)
146.595 (BATT 10 PL100)
147.435 (BATT 6 PL100, BATT4B PL85.4)
147.450 (BATT 8 PL100) 
147.465 (BATT 13 PL100) 
147.510 (BATT 2 PL100)
147.540 (BATT 7 PL100)

For those of you who had your handhelds pre-programmed by NERT, these frequencies are already in your radios, under the indicated BATT label.

Here is a Log Sheet you might want to print a few copies of and use for recording your contacts.  I will gladly accept these paper logs or better – download a windows program written specially by Joe WA3TSP for this contest.  Go to:

And as a reminder, here would be a sample exchange on the air:

CQ CQ San Francisco QSO Party AD6I        
(AD6I Announces they are ready for contacts)
(KJ6OGE indicates they want to contact AD6I)
KJ6OGE 94111                              
(AD6I indicates they heard KJ6OGE and that AD6I's zipcode is 94111)
(KJ6OGE indicates that KJ6OGE's zipcode is 94118)
AD6I QRZ                                  
(AD6I says "ready for the next contact")
You may also want to take a look at a presentation I gave for the SFRC a few months ago titled “Contesting for Beginners”. You can find it at:
And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

San Francisco Two Meter FM QSO Party – 8/29/2015

The official announcement can be found here, but I’m coordinating the SFRC sponsored San Francisco Two Meter FM QSO Party on 8/29/2015. Here is a summary and a copy of the official rules:

What: The San Francisco 2 Meter FM QSO Party is a contest designed to give 2 meter operators a chance to participate in a fun radio contest.

When: The QSO Party takes place on Saturday, August 29th, 2015 starting at 12 noon (1900 UTC), and runs for 6 hours.

Contacts are limited to FM Simplex on the 2 meter band, and at least one end of the QSO must be within San Francisco.

Participants are entered as either fixed or mobile.

Exchange: There are two exchange items, your call sign and your zip code.

Power Levels: There are three power levels:

  • QRP – 10 watts or less (handheld)
  • Low – 10-100 watts
  • High – 100 watts or more

Entry Categories: There are two entry categories: Fixed and Mobile. If a station gives out more than one zip code during the contest, that station is automaticly Mobile. A Fixed station means that the participant will operate from one fixed location during the entire contest, possibily from a remote location. A Mobile station may operate from more than one location.

Scoring: Each station you work is worth one point. A Fixed station may be worked only once, a Mobile station may be worked more than once if it has moved to a different zip code.

Multiplers: After you add up your score, you get multipliers for each different zip code you contact.

Logging Program: A logging program is avaialble for this contest at

Awards: Winners certificates will be awarded to the top scorers in each category and power level.

Contest Rules: The official contest rules are available here: SF QSO Party Rules

Nerd Joke: noTCP

“Just as Node.js and NIO proved to the world that bare-metal performance is always worth the consequent unreadable code, just as the flood of bespoke NoSQL databases taught us to value purpose-built solutions over general ones, and just as the Reactive Manifesto reminded us that new branding can give a youthful glow to decades-old ideas, we follow in their Chukka-booted footsteps by challenging the comforts of the ubiquitous Transmission Control Protocol and recognizing the well-deserved renaissance of artisanal protocols built on UDP. We didn’t start this fire, we’re just calling it what it is: the NoTCP movement.”

Thanks Jon!